I am a freelance photographer who works for domestic and international institutions, graphic design bureaus, advertising agencies, as well as for direct clients.

My areas of interest and work are art, architecture, antiques, archaeology and commercial photography.

Using photography as a starting point, I have also developed a technique for tracing with vector lines in order to produce the line drawings that are commonly used for studying inscriptions and images on ancient monuments.

I am currently building a website on a subject matter that is at the heart of my personal and professional interest: Maya art and architecture. The project’s progress can be viewed at www.ajtzihb.com.

My work for many years has also encompassed the translation of research papers and articles on ancient Mesoamerica for the online resource Mesoweb (www.mesoweb.com).

My passions are Maya writing and art, as well as an endless curiosity for the history, architecture, archaeology and art from almost any corner in the world.

I am an avid reader who speaks Spanish, English, Italian, French and is finally beginning to get comfortable with German.