I have always been interested in seeing.

I am always looking at the way the shadows hit the pavement, at how light brings out textures and patterns in walls, fabric or clouds, at the way people interact with their surroundings, or at the way shape and color play off each other.

Photography allows me to better see.

Some of my strongest passions, cultures and traveling, are strongly visual in nature. They are born from a curiosity to understand the way other people look at and interpret the world around them.

There is a phrase that has stuck with me: ‘Beauty is nothing but the promise of happiness’.

Photography offers me the privilege to explore ways in which beauty can be discovered. From vast landscapes and cityscapes to objects of art, the endless mistery of the human face, or the small natural wonders of objects arranged on a tabletop.

I like to think this shows in the quality and commitment of my work.